SightLogix v2

The SightLogix® Visible SightSensor is an intelligent day/night video detection camera for large outdoor perimeter and buffer zone security.

The Visible SightSensor, which leverages multiple digital signal processors for high Probability of Detect (PD) and low Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR) in all weather and geographic conditions, consists of a visible imager, complete with lens optics, electronic stabilization, video analyticssoftware, camera control, and geospatial target tracking within a ruggedized, NEMA 4X nitrogen-purged housing.

Extended Range Drives Greater Savings
With their higher level of imaging processing, each SightSensor camera can cover wider areas or greater distances, as much as three times the coverage area of other surveillance cameras. This means that SightLogix systems require fewer cameras, reducing the supporting infrastructure (poles, trenching, networking, power, etc.) and associated costs. As a result, SightSensor cameras lower installation, infrastructure and overall project costs.