Infoblox Trinzic network management products configure, manage and secure networks for complex organizations, helping customers deliver always-on network services that are resilient, scalable and dynamic. Our core product offerings are:

Trinzic DDI
Trinzic DDI is an appliance-based network services software suite delivering state-of-the-art DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI), with seamless and agent-less integration to Microsoft servers.

NetMRI automates network change, manages device configurations and enforces configuration compliance. NetMRI ensures business uptime by giving you control of network change, configurations, compliance, policy, health and network stability.

Infoblox Grid™
The patented Infoblox Grid sits at the heart of the most advanced, highly available, fault-tolerant and massively scalable network solutions in the world. When paired with the Multi-Grid Management architecture, Grid-based networks can support thousands of hosts, centralized management of IPv4 and IPv6 networks, single sign-on and other advanced capabilities.

Infoblox's products deliver the automated network control needed to keep today's complex networks up and running:

  • Integration of advanced DNS/DNSSEC, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI)
  • Solutions for IPv6, virtualization and cloud computing
  • Port capacity planning, and unparalleled security and reliability
  • One-click security audits and reporting
  • Network configuration and change management (NCCM)
  • Seamless integration to third-party solutions

Infoblox customers can expect up to an 80% increase in network availability and up to a 50% reduction in network capital and operational expenses. These improvements are why the world's largest banks, the largest retailers, the largest manufacturers and over 30% of the Fortune 500 run their networks on Infoblox.

Network Services

  • DNS, DHCP & IPAM Trinzic DDI
  • Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft
  • Trinzic Reporting
  • IPAM for VMware

Network Automation

  • Switch Port Manager
  • Automation Change Manager
  • NetMRI