SecureSphere is a proven solution to deliver activity monitoring, real-time protection and risk management of critical business data
& applications for over 2500 organizations in over 35 countries on 6 continents. SecureSphere is an award-winning application firewall
and database security solution scale to address enterprise wide deployments with performance advantages of ten times or
more over competing products and include a centralized management infrastructure that provides unmatched ease of use and automation.

Unlike point products that provide an incomplete picture of security and compliance, Imperva solutions provide full visibility and granular control over the usage of enterprise business data -- from the database, through the application, to the accountable end user.

Data Breach Prevention

  • Hacking and External Threat
  • Insider Threat
  • Secure Web Development

Regulatory & Industry Compliance

  • Privileged User Monitoring
  • Sensitive Data Access Auditing
  • Application Controls
  • By Regulation

Data Risk Management

  • Data Classification
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • User Rights Management

Secure Cloud Computing

  • IaaS Providers
  • PaaS Providers
  • SaaS Providers
  • Enterprise Private Clouds


Database Security

  • Database Activity Monitoring
  • Database Firewall
  • Discovery and Assessment Server
  • User Rights Management for Databases
  • ADC Insights

File Security

  • File Activity Monitoring
  • SFile Firewall
  • SecureSphere for SharePoint
  • User Rights Management for Files

Web Application Security

  • Web Application Firewall
  • ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Services
  • ThreatRadar Reputation Services
  • Cloud WAF
  • Cloud DDoS Protection


  • MX Management Server
  • Operations Manager

SecureSphere Platform

  • Hardware Appliances
  • Virtual Appliances
  • Agents
  • Technology

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