Comprehensive Infrastructure Management for SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010
The award-winning DocAve Software Platform is a comprehensive suite of products for Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure management and protection. With a unified, browser-based user interface and a fully-distributed architecture, it integrates AvePoint's powerful backup, administration, and data management technologies into a highly scalable, enterprise-level solution for all Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Though all DocAve modules function within a unified platform, they can be purchased and deployed independently. ITS provides an integrated solution that enables storage, delivery, and management of network data and content to achieve the Battlefield, Enterprise and your business goals.

Business Need

  • SharePoint Integration
  • SharePoint Management
  • SharePoint Migration
  • SharePoint Optimization
  • SharePoint Protection
  • SharePoint Reporting

Product Name

  • DocAve Administrator
  • DocAve Archiver
  • DocAve Auditor
  • DocAve Backup and Restore
  • DocAve BLOB Archiver
  • DocAve Connector
  • DocAve Content Manager
  • DocAve Content Shield
  • DocAve Deployment Manager
  • DocAve eDiscovery
  • DocAve Extender
  • DocAve File Share Document Connector
  • DocAve File Share Multimedia Connector
  • DocAve High Availability
  • DocAve Migrator- Documentum eRoom
  • DocAve Migrator- EMC Documentum
  • DocAve Migrator- File System
  • DocAve Migrator- LiveLink
  • DocAve Migrator- Lotus Notes
  • DocAve Migrator- Oracle/Stellent
  • DocAve Migrator- Public Folder
  • DocAve Migrator- SharePoint
  • DocAve Migrator- Vignette
  • DocAve Migrator- Website
  • DocAve Monitor FREE
  • DocAve for Office 365
  • DocAve Recovery Manager FREE
  • DocAve Replicator
  • DocAve Report Center
  • DocAve SiteBin
  • DocAve Storage Manager
  • DocAve TrashBin
  • DocAve Vault
  • DocAve Backup and Restore for Salesforce
  • DocAve Content Replicator for Salesforce
  • DocAve Data Replicator for Salesforce

Business Objectives

  • SharePoint Infrastructure Management
  • Optimizing SharePoint for Web Content Management
  • Cloud Integration
  • Business Continuity & Availability
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Migration to SharePoint
  • Platform Performance
  • Managing a Distributed Workforce

Solutions for Hosting Companies

Small & Mid-size Businesses


  • Education
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Government

Solutions for Government

  • Federal U.S. Civilian
  • Department of Defense
  • State and Local