MyUnit Mission

To provide the US Army a distributed, deployable repository of unit level information which fulfills the requirements of the commander and their staff - allowing a dynamic exchange of information and a unity of effort; IAW CIO G-6 vision for Cloud-enabled software solutions.

*** Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) on all DOD networks
*** Certificate to Operate (CTO) on USAR network
*** Patented by USPTO
*** 508 Compliance

MyUnit Mission: To be the sales, business development, and marketing organization to our clients. ITS will provide our clients innovative, cost-effective, timely sales, business development, marketing, consulting solutions, through best demonstrated practices, expertise, quality performance, and integrity.

What is MyUnit?

A web-enabled software application designed to increase the availability of information and synergize the efforts between staff sections.

What does MyUnit do?

  • Provides section/staff specific functionality and unified access to information from anywhere in the world on a particular domain
  • Eliminates duplication of effort, and can be customized to improve communication flow between organizations
  • Allows for customized queries and reports to information throughout the command from a central repository
  • Provides linkage to external DOD enterprise systems
  • *** Decreased reliance on stand-alone products and unit-specific tools ***
  • *** Six Sigma analysis determines an increase to unit productivity by at least 30%; reducing man hours and related cost ***


  • Developed in 2005; combat experience in four OIF/OEF rotations within commands to include 82nd ABN Division, 101st ABN Division, 25th Infantry Division, and installations at AR-NORTH, AMC, AMEDD, and Fort Gordon School of Technology
  • *** Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)- authority to operate on any DOD network (including NIPR and SIPR); STIG compliant ***
  • Latest commercial technology; uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database and existing PC's (no client-side installation required)
  • Received a Patent from the USPTO (2010)
  • Cloud-enabled and VM-enabled IAW CIO G6 (LTG Susan S. Lawrence)
  • Featured at LandWarNet, MILCOM, C4I, AUSA, AFCEA, and multiple National Guard conventions
  • Benefits to the S/G/J-1, 2, 3, 4,6, Chaplain, PAO, and FRG!


  • Integrates staff functions and unit operations- including assignments, duties, qualifications, and licensure.
  • Extensive automated records and reports for the G/S1,G/S2,G/S3,G/S4,G/S6, PAO, and the Chaplain.
  • Manages units of any component (AC, RC, NG), branch, or size.
  • Supports both garrison and tactical operations.
  • Easy to use- no training required!
  • Allows logins for members but minimizes data visibility through page based security.
  • Fully integrated FRG system to include family members, volunteers, and family activities.
  • Manages Weapons, Masks, Vehicles, and Manifests.
  • Contains support for Training, Exercises, Briefings, Licenses and more!
  • Dynamic Reporting
    • Awards
    • Sponsorship
    • Evaluations
    • In-processing and Out-processing checklists
    • Daily Status Reporting
    • Flag and Personnel Action
    • Qualifications: Special Skills, Licenses, and Certifications
    • Additional Duties
    • Masks, Weapon Tracking and assignment
    • Briefings, Exercises, Missions, and WTT Tracking
    • AND MANY MORE!!!